March 15, 2022

Professors emeriti publish chapters in new sustainability book

Al Lucas and Nigel Bankes published chapters in "Resilience in Energy, Infrastructure, and Natural Resources Law."

Resilience in Energy, Infrastructure, and Natural Resources Law, offers an analytical approach to developing legal responses that can help ensure the needs of present and future generations can be met through energy systems, infrastructure development, and natural resources management in these times of disruption. 'Resilience' is, therefore, seen as a common framework for the interpretation and development of energy, infrastructure, and natural resources law.

Nigel Bankes, with co-authors Lee Godden, and Íñigo del Guayo, wrote chapter 2, "The Role of Law in Fostering or Inhibiting Resilient Energy Systems."

Al Lucas wrote chapter 14, "Extreme Natural Event Impacts on the Energy Sector and its Regulation: Canada and North America."

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