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2023 Annual Report

We are pleased to share the 2023 Annual Report on Cancer Research in Calgary and Southern Alberta, a joint report by the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute, the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, and Cancer Care Alberta. We acknowledge the contributions of academic departments, core facilities, health system research infrastructure, community and scientific advisors, and the donor community in the collective success of our cancer research community. We are thrilled to emphasize the synergy and close collaborations between clinical cancer care and research. This impactful partnership is propelling the pace of research, leading to faster translation of discoveries from the lab to clinical care. The collaboration not only expedites the development of innovative treatments but also ensures that patients receive the best care based on cutting edge scientific advancements. This pace, dedication, and success is thanks to the dedicated clinical, research, and operational teams who work tirelessly to facilitate and support this vital research and care, ultimately enhancing outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients in Calgary, Alberta, and globally.

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