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Education & Training

Education Priorities

The Institute has articulated three fundamental education priorities:

Building the Next Generation of Cancer Researchers

Our work understanding all aspects of the cancer problem involves a commitment to train individuals across the cancer continuum and at all career stages, ranging from undergraduates just beginning their first research experience, to our many innovative and industrious MSc and PhD level graduate students, to Oncology Fellows pursuing the cutting edge of medicine, to Post Doctoral Scholars aspiring towards academic independence.

Fostering a Positive and Inclusive Training Experience

We recognize that producing an effective training environment requires meeting the needs of a diverse set of people who are at many different levels of experience and skill, and who come from many different academic, cultural, lifestyle and personal backgrounds. Where ever possible, we strive to promote inclusiveness in our training programs.

Promoting the Visibility of Trainees from Across Cancer-Oriented Disciplines

The cancer problem requires a large number of scientific and technical disciplines to come together and understand one another, which is a complex task. We provide all of our trainees, regardless of whether they are specialists in biology, psychology, physics, medicine, informatics or community health, opportunities to present their work, be recognized for it, and to interact with one another in a meaningful manner.

The University of Calgary’s Cancer Research Institute is pleased to offer a variety of programs to strengthen the educational experience of our trainees.


MDGE Cancer Courses

Courses needed to satisfy degree requirements: MSc - 6 units &
PhD - 9 units

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Annual Research Symposium

Annual Research Symposium

The yearly research symposium offers the opportunity to trainees to present their ongoing research to all members of Calgary’s cancer community, for feedback and collaboration.


Trainee Highlights

Recognizing the best and the brightest at the Charbonneau


Charbonneau Trainee Association

An organization of postdoctoral and graduate students with an aim to improve the overall experience for all trainees in the Charbonneau labs and beyond.