Dec. 21, 2018

Professor editor of special edition of Review of Constitutional Studies journal

Edition also includes articles by three UCalgary Law professors.

A special edition of the Review of Constitutional Studies has been published, which was edited by Professor Nigel Bankes. The edition focuses on pipelines and the constitution, and features articles from Professor Al Lucas, Martin Olszynski, and David Wright. 

  • Introduction: Pipelines and the Constitution: a Special Issue of the Review of Constitutional Studies, by Nigel Bankes
  • The National Energy Board and Energy Infrastructure Regulation: History, Legal Authority, and Judicial Supervision, by Al Lucas
  • Testing the Jurisdictional Waters: The Provincial Regulation of Interprovincial Pipelines, by Martin Olszynski
  • Federal Linear Energy Infrastructure Projects and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Current Legal Landscape and Emerging Developments, by David Wright