Equipment and Core Facilities

Facility overview

  • Online booking system accessible from everywhere
  • Training and troubleshooting available
  • Independent and supported use of instruments
  • Image analysis support provided
  • Consultation on experiment planning (sample preparation, selecting the microscope and application, acquisition settings, data analysis etc.)
  • Collaboration with researchers for demanding applications
  • Seminars, workshops, and courses on microscopy and imaging

Contact Information

  1. Director

    Dr. Aaron Goodarzi

  2. Microscopy Imaging Specialist

    Dr. Anne Vaahtokari

  3. All inquiries about access and training

    Dr. Anne Vaahtokari
    Tel: (403)-210 7895
    Office location: HRIC 2B30D

Charbonneau Shared Equipment – individual investigators house equipment within their laboratory space, and are responsible for permitting access and providing relevant training to other Charbonneau members. The management and maintenance of this equipment is overseen by Donna Wray, Manager-Business Operations.

Contact Information: 
Donna Wray

For a complete list of shared equipment please click here

Translational Laboratories located within the Tom Baker Cancer Center in Calgary, Alberta, the Translational Laboratories act as an infrastructural bridge linking basic research to clinically useful objectives in precision medicine. The Lab is a collaborative hub for studies involving Genomic signatures, Metabolomics, and Biomarker discovery. The Lab is recognized by cancer care professionals as one of the leading cancer biomarker development and core service centers for innovation, efficiency and quality.

Dr. Don Morris is a founding member and current director of the Translational Laboratories at the Tom Baker Cancer Center, promoting cutting edge research in advanced diagnostics and novel therapeutics for more than a decade.

The Translational Research Laboratory is composed of three main Units: Molecular Analysis, Functional Tissue Imaging, and Pharmacokinetics. The facility also houses two Research Labs led by Dr. Don Morris, and Dr. Gwyn Bebb. To facilitate meaningful Projects, the Translational Labs work closely with the Alberta Cancer Research Biobank and Calgary Laboratory Services to link expertise in biobanking of human biological material to data and advanced analysis of clinical samples for research.

The facility produces accredited clinical diagnostic tests in areas of molecular analysis, immunohistochemistry and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Our collaborators and clients include universities, medical diagnostic labs, healthcare delivery organizations, and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

University of Calgary – Centre for Advanced Technologies (CAT) – is the umbrella under which the Cumming School of Medicine has gathered core facilities that offer significant research support. These include research platforms providing many of the essential technologies to support contemporary biomedical research across many domains of activity (genomics, proteomics, cellular and medical imaging, and bioinformatics). These platforms are complemented by basic service facilities

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Equipment and Core Facilities

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