March 7, 2024

UCQ participates in 9th annual Interprofessional Education Forum at Qatar University

Forum focus on disaster preparedness and management offers our nursing students a chance to shine
Three people stand on a stage while giving a presentation

On Feb. 17, third- and fourth-year students from the University of Calgary in Qatar gathered at Qatar University to participate in the 9th annual Interprofessional Education (IPE) Forum. The forum brought together students from Qatar University, University of Doha Science and Technology, Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar and the University of Calgary in Qatar, to discuss and enhance future inter-collaborative experiences between various health-care professions. With a focus on disaster preparedness and management, the forum showcased the importance of teamwork and co-ordination in confronting health-care challenges.

Welcoming remarks highlighted the objectives of the IPE association, followed by a keynote speech by David Dungan, the director of emergency and disaster preparedness at the Primary Health Care Corporation in Qatar. Annually, this forum provides a platform for students in health science disciplines including, but not limited to, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and public health. It serves to provide a dynamic learning environment for active engagement amongst students as they explore topics and challenges through collaboration.

The initial standout event of the forum was the Health-care Team Challenge, in which UCQ students Amel Elmin and Safiya Mir participated. As they represented the nursing profession, their contributions highlighted the importance of interprofessional collaboration in enhancing patient care.

Students Alaa Daloul and Amel Elmin participated in the oral presentation session of the forum, where they presented a health talk emphasizing the significance and strengths of nurses within the health-care team as collaborative members in enhancing patient outcomes. 

The forum also introduced a new engaging team challenge which included UCQ students Hanna Mata, Aisha Blin, Angeli Tan, Kara Cabangcalan, Maimuna Yeasen, Chiena Alteza, Alixia Morales, ⁠Nabila Ali, Andrea Rafael, Carla Tindogan, ⁠Tanha Arifa, and ⁠Maymona Abu Yousuf. These students enthusiastically competed in the IPE Disaster Preparedness and Management Challenge to demonstrate their readiness to handle health-care emergencies. Kara Cabangcalan and Maymona Abu Yousuf emerged victorious with their group, showcasing their expertise in navigating complex scenarios and co-ordinating effective responses.

Throughout the event, the contributions of UCQ representatives for the IPE Student Association, Juliana Tabuzo, Angela Pieres, and Safa Mukadam, supported the seamless execution of the forum. Their role helped facilitate an environment conducive to knowledge sharing and collaboration. UCQ faculty Sharon Carroll and Kristi Yassine were among the faculty who represented UCQ as judge and facilitator and were instrumental in the event's success.

In reflecting on UCQ’s participation in the event, Yassine says: “The IPE Forum provided students a valuable learning experience to utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills collaboratively amongst a diverse interdisciplinary team in preparation to fulfill future roles as competent, collaborative health-care professionals. It was truly rewarding to observe the exceptional hard work, dedication, and achievements of our UCQ students.”

As the event concluded, participants gathered for a memorable closing ceremony, where many of the participants were recognized for their outstanding contributions. 

Congratulations to all students and faculty for their achievements and contributions.