Sept. 4, 2019

See something concerning? Report it online to Campus Security

Optimized Campus Security online reporting tool makes reporting non-urgent campus incidents quick and easy
Campus security officers smile at camera
You can now file a report online to Campus Security for non-urgent security matters.

Anyone on campus witnessing or aware of a non-emergent security matter now has another way to notify Campus Security for resolution. For non-urgent incidents like acts of vandalism or lost or stolen property, individuals on UCalgary campuses are now encouraged to file a report online for followup by Campus Security.

Though online reporting has been available for individuals to use since last September, Campus Security has spent the last year refining and optimizing the tool for a campus-wide launch at the beginning of the fall semester.

“The online reporting tool is an easy way for anyone on campus to report a non-urgent incident without needing to visit to the Campus Security office or phone the main line,” says Rick Gysen, director of Campus Security.

Gysen says the ease of online reporting encourages a greater number of people on campus to feel comfortable about reporting non-urgent incidents to Campus Security instead of walking away and doing nothing.

“Some individuals on campus may not be comfortable with reporting a theft or vandalism in person or over the phone,” Gysen says. “This online reporting tool gives the UCalgary community one more way to connect with us on the move — making everyone more safe and secure.”

When to report online, and when not to

But Gysen says not all incidents on campus are a good candidate for reporting online — and it’s important to know the difference between “non-urgent incidents” and a serious situation.

“Online reporting is only appropriate for non-emergent security matters,” Gysen says. “Any incident that requires immediate or emergency attention, whether it’s medical or criminal, should be reported to 911.”

Incidents you can report on the online reporting tool:

  • incidents that do not pose an immediate safety risk
  • lost or stolen property
  • graffiti and vandalism

For all other situations on campus, Gysen says to call Campus Security at 403-220-5333.

Learn more about Campus Security’s online reporting tool.