Aug. 2, 2023

A new era of community safety: UCalgary launches new safety app

UCSafety app is designed to send important safety alerts, provide instant access to safety resources, and give peace of mind to those working and studying alone
UCSafety app on an individuals phone screen

A new era of safety at the University of Calgary has begun with the unveiling of the new UCSafety app.  

The app provides users with access to multiple resources such as Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) program information; emergency response procedures; staff and student well-being resources; campus maps; and working alone and studying alone features. It is based on a solution that is being used by 200 post-secondary institutions across North America including SAIT and Mount Royal University in Calgary, as well as at the University of British Columbia.   

“Following extensive testing and stakeholder consultation, the EHS team is really excited to launch the UCSafety app with a 24/7 monitoring service,” says UCalgary EHS director Mark Davies. “The availability of just-in-time resources and the automated WorkAlone feature will elevate safety to the next level for the UCalgary community.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic changed work habits in many office spaces, including at UCalgary, where many staff members might find themselves working by themselves when others may be working from home. Some staff may also find themselves working alone outside standard office hours. UCSafety offers employees who are working alone a tool to check in periodically and confirm they are OK. This is a key component of UCalgary’s updated Working Alone Standard that requires managers and employees to develop a “working alone plan” that identifies potential hazards and strategies to mitigate risks.  

Workplace Safety at UCalgary

UCalgary Wellness Fair 2017

App features 

The WorkAlone feature connects staff with 24/7 monitoring company Telelink for automated safety check-ins at pre-scheduled intervals. Missed check-ins and panic alerts will be automatically escalated, providing peace of mind for everyone. Students are also able to use the StudyAlone and FriendWalk features that allow users to send their location to a personal contact in real time so that study and travel time can be monitored.  

The app can also be used to connect with Campus Security, Emergency Management and other resources. 

"The UCSafety app is part of our proactive approach to maintaining a safe environment at the University of Calgary,” says President Ed McCauley. “As well as implementing safety measures to protect people and property on campus, our Environment, Health and Safety team is also empowering individuals to take initiative to keep themselves and everyone around them safe.”  

All members of the UCalgary community are encouraged to download and use both the UCSafety and the Alertus Emergency App. While they both can send mass notifications, these two apps are distinct and offer unique services and safety tools that are integral components of the safety framework at UCalgary.  

“When used in conjunction, these apps can significantly enhance the safety of our campus, potentially preventing injuries and even saving lives,” says Davies.  

Visit the comprehensive Safety App website to learn more about these two apps and links to download from the App Store and Google Play. 

The safety and well-being of our campus community is a top priority at UCalgary. Our proactive approach to health and safety encompasses a wide range of resources and initiatives designed to safeguard our students, faculty and staff both on- and off-campus. The Risk Management team including Environment, Health and Safety, Emergency Management and Campus Security, work together to provide our campus with a wide variety of programs, services and initiatives to guide the university community. To learn more about everything we’re doing to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone to learn, work and live in, visit the Environment, Health and Safety website here

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