March 17, 2023

Looking for nutritious, affordable and delicious food?

Here's how you can achieve all three.
graphic of fruits

With the continued rise of cost of living, including the increase in food prices, finding ways to find nutritious food on a budget is more important than ever. Due to busy schedules, we sometimes find ourselves buying something that we can eat quickly, but these options are often more expensive and don’t provide us the balance we need in our diets. Have a look at these articles for some tips on how to save some money on your groceries, as well as information on strategies such as meal planning that help to save you time and money, while providing yourself with the nutrients you need.

  • Finding yourself spending more than you thought or can on grocery store visits? The Dieticians of Canada have identified some easy strategies when you are grocery shopping to save you money, such as bringing a calculator to the grocery store, or avoiding buying items on the middle of the shelf as those are commonly more expensive. Here are their money saving tips.  

  • Although you might be accustomed to purchasing certain items in your weekly grocery shop, rethinking what you are purchasing, and being open to trying something new, might ultimately make a big difference in your shopping bill. Take for instance the fruit you buy. Perhaps you really love pears, and buy them weekly, but when they are not in season they become a much more expensive item. Maybe you try a different fruit during these times which is in season, and therefore more budget friendly. The Dieticians of Canada identify how to be strategic when at the grocery store with these great tips 

  • Meal planning is a great tool to assist with both busy schedules and reducing your food costs. Use these tips when thinking about how to meal plan to help you make your food budget go further.

  • Need some help getting started? This free meal planning tool allows you to plan out a week of meals, and suggests recipes based on dietary restrictions and any goals you may have. It then provides you with the corresponding grocery list to make your grocery store visit a little bit easier.