April 29, 2021

Decommissioning of Varsity Courts set to begin June 1, 2022

Information and resources available online
Family Housing Yard

As the development of University District continues, Varsity Courts residence units are being decommissioned beginning in June 2022. The majority of Varsity Courts is located on land transferred to University of Calgary Properties Group as part of the development of University District. Decommissioning will occur in three phases over the next eight years.

Residents of Varsity Courts have received detailed information about the decommissioning schedule, how it affects their unit, and resources available to support their transition.   

All demolition will be planned during permitted City of Calgary construction hours and will follow Calgary noise bylaw regulations.

Information concerning the demolition schedule and its impact on traffic or access to adjacent areas of the university will be posted near affected units of Varsity Courts, and online.

For responses to questions and concerns about safety and construction in University District 24 hours a day, please call the Construction Hotline at 1-855-400-5556.

Click here for more information, including maps of Varsity Courts and University District.