2024 RDSC Rising Star Graduate Scholarship

Established by the Robson DNA Science Centre (RDSC) to recruit and retain outstanding graduate students to carry out innovative fundamental science and/or translational research training

Application Guidelines

Eligibility Requirements:

Principal Investigator-sponsored applications are solicited from prospective or already enrolled trainees have met (or will meet) admission requirements for a University of Calgary graduate program. At the time of application, doctoral students must be pre-candidacy exam (≤2 years in the program), while masters students must be ≤1 year into their program. For trainees yet to commence their studies, and who are external to the University of Calgary prior to their enrollment in a graduate program, the award is contingent on acceptance into a full-time graduate program at the University of Calgary under the supervision of a full member of RDSC.

Award Guide

Applicants, please apply using the GAC application found in your Student Centre, under My Financials tab. Details can be found HERE (under the CSM Harmonized Awards tab.

For you reference a step by step guide can be found HERE

Harmonized Form

Students use this form to upload to the GAC