Rejeanne Taylor Research Prize

Open to students registered full-time graduate program in the Cumming School of Medicine and working in the area of precision cancer research at the Charbonneau Cancer Institute.

The purpose of the prize is to attract, encourage and support the very best graduate students in their pursuit of research projects that would not be funded through other channels. Eligible research shall include cancer research that will lead to improved prevention, diagnosis, treatment and to living well during and following the cancer journey. 

Application Guidelines

Funds Available & Application Guidelines

The prize money can be used to support the prize recipients' research-related expenses (e.g., consumables, minor equipment, travel to meetings to present research results, computer or software costs, etc.). A provisional research budget must be attached to the candidate's application for the Rejeanne Taylor Research Prize in Precision Cancer Research. In certain circumstances, expenses for items not listed in the budget submitted with the original application may be added later provided the student's supervisor has authorized them. 

10,000 per year for each of two years. This may be awarded to one student or it may be $5,000 to two students.  The allowance can be used to support research in various ways; equipment purchase, supplies and travel.

Letters of reference can be sent directly to Carmen Coelho, Specialist Education and Programs 


Please submit your completed application to