Alex R. Cummings Trainee Travel Award

Open to trainees of Full members of the Charbonneau Cancer Institute. This travel award is available to support trainees’ travel who present at National or International conference or symposia.

Application Guidelines

*Trainees are defined as Full-time Graduate Students (MSc, PhD) or Post-Doctoral Fellows according to the University of Calgary regulations (within 5 years) of obtaining PhD and or MD


  • Trainee (registered full-time under the supervision of a Full Charbonneau Member)
  • Conducting research in the area of cancer
  • Presenting (oral or poster) as first author at an official conference or symposium
  • Individuals may receive this award once only per calendar year, and only twice at most during their graduate degree or post-doctorate
  • Priority will always be given to individuals invited to give a talk

To be considered for a travel award, submit the following:

  1. A completed application
  2. A copy of the applicant’s submitted abstract with proof of acceptance for presentation
  3. Applicant’s curriculum vitae
  4. If available a copy of the Full Program must be provided

Send complete applications via email or departmental mail to:

Carmen Coelho
3280 Hospital Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta T4N 4Z6

Decision Process and Notification

Award decisions will be based on the excellence of the submitted conference abstract and on the strength of the applicant’s scholarly record as judged by the Charbonneau Education and Training Committee.

Applicants will be notified of the award decisions within 30 days of the application deadline. Award winners must accept or decline their award within 48 hours of notification.


Please submit your completed application to