David C Schriemer


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Oncology, Physiology & Pharmacology


Contact information


Office : HSCB031

Preferred method of communication


Jumi Lee

Email: jumi.lee@ucalgary.ca

Office: 403-210-3907

Research and teaching

Area of Focus

  • Integrative structural biology and proteomics

Summary of Research

Dr. Schriemer’s laboratory maintains a basic research program in chemical and structural biology. His goal is to move beyond a “building block” understanding of protein structure and function, and into a world where protein function is understood at high resolution, in the context of protein complexes, networks and whole proteomes. Achieving this goal requires innovation in core proteomic technologies such as mass spectrometry and bioinformatics, and in the reagents that are the ultimate enablers of progress in the field of chemical biology. His main areas of biological/translational inquiry (where these innovations are developed and applied) centre on mitotic regulation, celiac disease, and host-pathogen interactions.


Dr. Schriemer graduated with an MSc. In chemistry from the University of Manitoba in 1993 and with a PhD in chemistry from the University of Alberta in 1997. After post-doctoral studies at the University of Alberta, he founded INH Technologies Inc. (a drug discovery company), and served as Research Director in MDS Proteomics Inc. before joining the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the University of Calgary in 2001. He has held a Canada Research Chair in Chemical Biology (Tier II) and received support from the Heritage Foundation as a Senior Scholar. He serves as the director of the University’s flagship biological mass spectrometry core facility, the SAMS Centre for Proteomics.