Edwin Wang


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Medical Genetics and Oncology


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Samantha Veress

Email: shelf@ucalgary.ca

Office: 403-220-6553

Research and teaching


The Wang Lab are conducting both computational and experimental systems biology. The work includes: (1) big medical data analysis (2) machine learning and deep learning (3) predictive model construction based on genomic data of diseases including cancer. We are developing novel algorithms for modeling of molecular networks and cancer biomarker discovery for prognosis and drug matching for cancer patients (targeted therapy, immunotherapy and chemotherapy), and cancer early detection. We are also developing new concepts for data analysis toward interpreting data, generating, prioritizing and testing new hypotheses. Except computational studies, we are also conducting experimental work and then combining with computational work in cancer genomics. 


Dr. Wang did his undergraduate training in Computer Science and his PhD training in Molecular Genetics (UBC, 2002). After one-year postdoc training at Flybase, a genome database of fly, he moved to NRC as a PI. In 2016, he became an AISH Chair Professor at University of Calgary.