Hans Vogel


Biological Sciences, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


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Office : Bi418

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Research and teaching

Area of Focus

  • Metabolomics of cancer
  • Calcium-binding regulatory proteins
  • Antimicrobial and anticancer peptides

Summary of Research

Our research is focused on trying to combat infectious diseases and cancer and on the development of novel diagnostic or prognostic methods. On the one hand we study the mechanism of action of anticancer and antimicrobial peptides to determine if these can be used as new antitumour or novel anti-infectious agents. We also study different calcium-binding proteins, such L-plastin, that are involved in the motility and adhesion of metastatic cancer cells to see if these can be made into targets for new anticancer drugs. Finally we are involved in various clinical cancer metabolomics research projects, to see if we can improve the diagnosis and prognosis for different cancers. 


After training in the Netherlands, Edmonton and Sweden, Dr. Vogel joined the University of Calgary in 1985 as an AHFMR Scholar. He has been a Full Professor since 1991 and has held various AHFMR and AIHS Scientist awards until 2013. Dr. Vogel is a leading biochemist who has won both junior and senior career research awards from the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences.