Carrie Shemanko


Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science


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Office: 403-220-3861

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Shemanko Lab


Office : BI217

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Research areas

  • Signal transduction in normal mammary gland development and cancer

Summary of Research

The lab has two main, related focuses, the molecular controls involved in normal mammary gland (breast) development and how those molecular controls are disrupted and contribute to breast cancer and metastasis. My research integrates both developmental biology and cancer biology and trainees are exposed to a variety of novel techniques as well as integrated research approaches.


Dr Carrie Shemanko established her own laboratory at the University of Calgary in 2002. She achieved her BSc and MSc (under the supervision of Dr Marek Michalak) at the University of Alberta, Canada, and obtained her PhD in Dundee, Scotland, UK, (under the supervision of Dr Birgitte Lane) with post-doctoral training in Freiburg and Frankfurt, Germany (under the supervision of Dr Bernd Groner). She has an interest in signal transduction and hormone driven signaling in mammary epithelial cells and in breast cancer. Her recent work on understanding the role of prolactin in the communication between metastatic breast cancer cells and the bone, has been published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and represents the collaborative effort between researchers in Canada, the USA, France and China. She is a founding member of the Breast Cancer to Bone (B2B) Metastasis Research Program (University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada).