Meghan McDonough

Associate Professor

Faculty of Kinesiology


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Research areas

  • Social support in physical activity for cancer survivors

Summary of Research

My research with cancer survivors focuses on examining how social relationships, social support, and social contexts affect physical activity motivation and behaviour, positive psychological growth, and coping processes among cancer survivors. I am particularly interested in how social mechanisms affect the process of adopting and maintaining physical activity behaviour, and how social relationships in the physical activity context may make unique contributions to coping and psychosocial outcomes. My work includes both qualitative and quantitative investigations into these questions.  


Dr. McDonough has a PhD in Human Kinetics from the Unviersity of British Columbia, specializing in sport and exercise psychology. She was a faculty member at Purdue University’s Department of Health and Kinesiology prior to joining the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Her research examines the role of social relationships in physical activity, health behaviour, and psychological well-being in a variety of populations, with a focus on cancer survivors and other clinical populations, older adults, and marginalized populations.