Juergen Gailer

Associate Professor

Chemistry, Science


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Office : Science B405

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Research areas

  • Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Analytical Chemistry


We develop and apply metallomics methods to better understand the role that non-essential environmentally abundant metals (e.g. Cd, Hg, As) and metal-based drugs (e.g. cisplatin) play in biology. Our goal is to establish the biomolecular basis for the chronic toxicity of inorganic pollutants and that of the toxic side effects of metal-based drugs in mammals. Knowledge about these mechanisms is critical in terms of developing strategies to mitigate metal-related adverse health effects in humans.


J. Gailer was born in Geislingen/Germany and received his PhD from the University of Graz/Austria in 1997. As an Erwin Schroedinger fellow he moved to the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology of the University of Arizona (Tucson/USA) and subsequently transferred to the Department of Nutritional Sciences as a research associate. He moved to the GSF National Research Center for Environment and Health in Munich/Germany in 2001, where he was an Alexander von Humboldt fellow until 2002. In 2003 he became team leader in biopharmaceutical production at Boehringer IngelheimAustria/Vienna and joined the Department of Chemistry of the University of Calgary in 2004 where he is an associate professor.