Public Lecture Series

From the lab to the real world, researchers at the Charbonneau are dedicating their lives to limiting the impact of a cancer diagnosis for all patients and their loved ones. Now we’re breaking down the barriers to making these ground-breaking discoveries. Cracking the Cancer Code is an engaging and immersive speaker series  bringing researchers, clinicians, and the public together to talk about the future of cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

Fighting Cancer with Microbes? That's a Thing!

I host therefore I am: Commensal microbes in health and disease by Dr. Kathy McCoy, Professor, University of Calgary, Scientific Director, International Microbiome Centre

Hijacking microbial immunity to treat cancer by Dr. Michael Monument, Assistant Professor, University of Calgary. Director, Integrated Sarcoma Research Program.

Engineering microbes for cancer immunotherapy by Ms. Jahanara Rajwani, PhD candidate

Cracking the Cancer Code: The Gene Therapy Revolution

Letting scientists be curious: The development of recombinant DNA technology by Dr. Joe Harrison

Weaponizing immune cells through bioengineering: CAR T cell therapy by Dr. Michael Chu

From defence systems to molecular medicines: Next-generation CRISPR technologies in cancer immunotherapy by Dr. Pierre Billon

Cracking the Cancer Code: Screening & Prevention

Knowing and managing your cancer risk by Dr. Aaron Goodarzi

Understanding the science behind screening by Dr. Darren Brenner

Recognizing when and why you should get checked by Ms. Bonnie Chiang

Cracking the Cancer Code: Evolution Between Cancer & The Immune System

Cancer Therapy and the Art of War by Dr. Jennifer Chan

Cancer and the Immune System: A Microcosm of Darwinian Evolution by Dr. Douglas Mahoney

Leveraging the Cancer-Immunity Cycle to Improve Survival: The Story and Promise of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors by Dr. Vishal Navani

Cancer Clinical Trial: From the Bench to the Clinic for Real World Patients

Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Chan, Deputy Director of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

Dr. Daniel Heng, MD, Division Head of Medical Oncology, Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary

Dr. Winson Cheung, MD, Professor of Medicine, Department of Oncology, University of Calgary

Dr. Don Morris, MD Phd, Medical Director Tom Baker Cancer Centre and Head of the Department of Oncology, University of Calgary

DNA and Cancer: From Discovery to Precision Treatment, with a special focus on lung cancer

Dr. Jennifer Chan, Deputy Director of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

Dr. Aaron Goodarzi, Associate Professor, Departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Biology

Dr. Gwyn Bebb, Professor, Department of Oncology

Cancer 101: Causes to Cures

  • Dr. Jennifer Chan, Deputy Director of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

  • Dr. Darren Brenner, a Research Scientist specializing in cancer risk prediction

  • Dr. Paola Neri, Scientific Director of the Precision Oncology Hub at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre

  • Dr. Douglas Mahoney, a Research Scientist with expertise in cancer immunotherapy

Cancer in Young People

  • Dr. Miranda Fidler-Benaoudia, a Research Scientist specializing in cancer prevention in young people
  • Dr. Michael Monument, a Research Scientists and Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in sarcoma
  • Dr. Fiona Schulte, a Research Scientist and Clinical Psychologist specializing in pediatric cancer