Kids Cancer Care Award in Childhood Cancer Research

The Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute invites applications to a new award funded by Kids Cancer Care. This award is intended to provide seed funding for childhood cancer research that focuses on:

  • Surviving (may include basic, translational, clinical, and experimental therapeutics research focused on improving the survival of childhood cancers) and/or
  • Thriving (may include epidemiological, late-effects, psychosocial, nursing, nutrition, social work, and exercise research focused on improving the well-being of individuals diagnosed with childhood cancers) 

Application Guidelines

  • Principal Applicant must hold an academic appointment (including adjunct) at the University of Calgary or at Alberta Health Services. 
  • Members of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute and/or the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) are eligible to apply.
    • If you are not yet a member of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute, you may apply for membership at the same time you submit this application.
  • Up to three awards will be available from the $100,000 available funding.
  • Funds will be awarded based on feasibility (timeline, research environment, resources, and expertise), scientific merit of the research, significance and impact of the proposed project, relevance to childhood cancer, and alignment with one or both of the themes of 'surviving' and 'thriving' as described above.
  • Joint applications from two or more investigators/research groups to foster collaborations are encouraged.
  • Applications for new projects that have the potential to grow to larger projects in the future, and projects that add value to existing projects are encouraged.
  • Applications from new/junior investigators are encouraged. Note: New or junior investigators with gaps in research resources or expertise may benefit from co-application with a more established investigator.
  • Funds must be non-overlapping and can be used for:
    • Salary support for research staff, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, trainees, patient partners and, if appropriate, faculty salary support
    • Research support for consumables, equipment, services, software, clinical/administrative data access, data storage, and other relevant research costs
    • Conference registration of travel, costs to bring visiting scientists and other researchers to Calgary,
    • Capital equipment, administrative costs
    • Funds must be used within 24 months.

To be considered for the award, submit the following:

  1. Cover sheet (use form).
  2. Proposal (2 pages maximum): background/rationale, experimental design/methods, and significance.
  3. Figures (1 page maximum) may be attached if desired.
  4. References (1 page maximum).
  5. Itemized budget with justification.
  6. Abridged CV (2 pages) for the principal applicant only, highlighting publications, current and pending (applied for) funding, and any accomplishments relevant to the application.

Send complete applications via email or departmental mail to:

Submit applications to:

Decision Process

Awards will be determined based on feasibility of the proposal, scientific merit of the research, and relevance to sarcoma and/or pancreatic cancer.


Please submit your completed application to