Charbonneau Team Accelerator Grant

The Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute, the Charbonneau Research and Innovation Committee invites applications to a new grant to promote team-based cancer research. Funds are being provided through the Institute’s operational budget for research and innovation initiatives.

The Research and Innovation Committee is seeking applications that:

  • Clearly demonstrate collaboration between two or more researchers from diverse disciplines, ideally between multiple academic faculties or departments and/or between the University of Calgary and AHS.
  • Ideally, involve an early career investigator (within 7 years of first independent research appointment).  
  • Ideally, include end-user/stakeholder engagement, which could involve a patient partner, health system partners, or commercial partners, as appropriate.

This seed funding award is intended to promote collaboration in cancer research by providing seed funding to develop or expand new multidisciplinary cancer research teams, with the ultimate goals of (1) increasing cancer research impact and (2) positioning teams to compete in national funding opportunities.

Application Process

Expression of Interest Guidelines and Application Guidelines 

Can be found HERE

Expression of Interest Guidelines

The purpose of the Expression of Interest is to establish an adjudication committee. An email with the subject line “Charbonneau Team Accelerator Grant” and the following information in the body of the message must be sent to by 4pm on Monday, February 13, 2023, in order to be considered for this competition:

  • Name of Principal Applicant and/or Co-Applicants
  • Title of Project Proposal
  • Pillar(s) of research to which the proposal most closely aligns (e.g., I – Biomedical; II – Clinical; III – Health Services; IV – Population and Public Health)

Application Guidelines

  • Principal Applicant must hold an academic appointment (including adjunct) at the University of Calgary.
  • Members of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute are eligible to apply. If you are not yet a member of the Charbonneau Cancer Institute, you may apply for membership at the same time you submit this application.
  • Two awards up to $75,000 each will be available from the $150,000 available funding.
  • Funds will be awarded based on:
    • Feasibility of the project (timeline, research environment, resources, and expertise)
    • Scientific merit of the research project
    • Significance and impact of the proposed project
    • Evidence of the importance of the collaboration
    • Alignment with one of the Institute’s thematic areas
  • Funds must be non-overlapping and can be used within 24 months (no extensions will be allowed) for:
    • Salary support for research staff, trainees of all levels and disciplines, and/or patient partners
    • Research support for consumables, equipment, services, software, clinical/administrative data access, data storage, and other relevant research costs
    • Costs to bring visiting scientists and other researchers to Calgary, for the purpose of the project
    • Administrative costs
  • As part of the review, a patient advisor may be invited to provide feedback during the adjudication process.


  • Application documents:
  • Cover sheet (use attached form).
  • Proposal requirements (all 12-point font and 1-inch margins):
    • Lay summary (1/2 PAGE max) describing the rationale, approach, and impact of your project. This section may be reviewed by a patient and/or caregiver research advisor.
    • Collaboration section (1/2 PAGE max) describing any novel aspects of your team, diversity of disciplines within the team, and inclusion of health system and/or patient and care-giver partners, as applicable. Please note the inclusion of any early career investigators.
    • Project description (TWO PAGES max), which should include a background, scientific rationale, experimental design/methods, and significance/potential impact. An optional ONE PAGE of figures may be included, along with ONE PAGE of references. 
    • Budget (ONE PAGE, itemized with clear justification). Leveraging of funding from existing programs or initiatives is encouraged. Please list any leveraged funds. NOTE: Applications that do not include a budget and justification will not be considered for funding.
  • Abridged CV or bio-sketch (TWO PAGES) for the principal applicant(s) only, highlighting publications,  current and pending (applied for) funding, and any accomplishments relevant to the application.


Please submit your Expression of Interest and Application to