Howard Research Publication Award

The award is aimed at recognizing excellence in research productivity.

Application Process

Eligibility Criteria

Open to current postdoctoral fellows, graduate, undergraduate and clinical fellows, whose primary Supervisor is a member of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute.

Open to former postdoctoral fellows, graduate, undergraduate and clinical fellows who conducted research in a Charbonneau lab, and published in 2023.

Any Trainee with a First or Co-First Author paper, peer reviewed original research article published, accepted, or in press in the calendar year of the award is eligible.

If the trainee is not a First or Co-First Author on a paper, but the supervisor believes that the trainee has shown excellent research productivity in other ways, the individual may be nominated by the supervisor.

Research must have been conducted within a Charbonneau research group or lab.

Details of the award

If trainee has a First or Co-First authored publication please submit

  • A completed Howard Research Publication application form.
  • A brief description of the significance/impact of the publication, and the trainee’s role is required.
  • Electronic copy of the manuscript*.
  • Note * If the manuscript is accepted but not yet published during 2023 a confirmation of acceptance is required.

If the trainee is not a First or Co-First author but is being nominated by the supervisor

  • No application form is required. Instead a letter by the supervisor that includes the rationale and any information supporting why the individual should be recognized that year for their exceptional research excellence should be emailed to
    Specific examples and impact of the nominee’s activities will strengthen the application.
  • Attach supporting documents such as non-First Author publication or other relevant documents highlighting research excellence.

Award Expectations

We are delighted to announce the Charbonneau ‘Spotlight Series’, an initiative led by the CTA that provides an exciting opportunity for emerging scholars to present their research accomplishments to Charbonneau trainees, staff, and faculty. As a condition of receiving the Howard’s Publication Award, the trainee is expected to present their published work and participate in the Charbonneau Spotlight Series.




Submit your completed application to