Charbonneau Institute Director's Award

Award focus is on Excellence in Trainee Leadership, Volunteerism and Mentorship

Application Guidelines


Graduate Students are eligible to apply for the Charbonneau Institute Director's Award if:

  • Registered full-time in a thesis-based graduate program at the University of Calgary, whose primary supervisor is a member at the Charbonneau Cancer Institute

Applicants Accomplishments

(1) Describe your leadership, volunteer, or mentorship roles in academic, professional, or community settings (max one page). Please include:

  • positions, duration, and responsibilities
  • examples of initiatives you led and the outcomes of those initiatives
  • an explanation for how your leadership has contributed to your academic or professional community

(2) A statement explaining the significance of any major scholarships or awards you have received as it relates to leadership, volunteerism, and mentorship (if appropriate).

(3) Peer-reviewed academic publications (accepted, in-press or published)

(4) Oral and poster presentations

(5) Any other products of scholarship that relate to your leadership, volunteerism, and mentorship experiences

Supervisor Nomination Letter

Letter must outline the primary reasons for nominating your trainee to receive the Charbonneau Institute Director’s award for excellence in leadership, volunteerism, and/or mentorship in academic, professional, or community settings. Use of specific examples and your detailed impressions of how the trainee’s academic, research or extracurricular contributions demonstrate excellence in leadership, volunteerism, and/or mentorship will substantially strengthen this application.

Confidential nomination letter to be submitted separately by Supervisor to Carmen Coelho at





Please submit your completed application to