Late Night Lab

Watch exciting and informative talks by some of Calgary’s top cancer researchers and learn about trends in cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and precision oncology, new developments in immune based cancer therapies, including immunotherapy for sarcoma, and psychosocial issues facing patients with cancer and their families.

Cancer 101: Causes to Cures

  • Dr. Jennifer Chan, Deputy Director of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

  • Dr. Darren Brenner, a Research Scientist specializing in cancer risk prediction

  • Dr. Paola Neri, Scientific Director of the Precision Oncology Hub at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre

  • Dr. Douglas Mahoney, a Research Scientist with expertise in cancer immunotherapy

Cancer in Young People

  • Dr. Miranda Fidler-Benaoudia, a Research Scientist specializing in cancer prevention in young people
  • Dr. Michael Monument, a Research Scientists and Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in sarcoma
  • Dr. Fiona Schulte, a Research Scientist and Clinical Psychologist specializing in pediatric cancer