The Riddell Centre brings together fundamental, translational and clinical scientists with diverse expertise to drive transformative discoveries and innovations in the field of immunotherapy.

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MemberPosition/LabAreas of Expertise
Colleen AndersonStaff Scientist, Chan LabTumour and tissue bank
Carolina ArcilaResearch Technician, Monument LabMouse modeling
Arshad AyyazPrincipal InvestigatorColorectal carcinoma; stem cells; immune escape
Nizar BahlisPrincipal InvestigatorMultiple myeloma; immunogenomics (bulk and single cell); immunotherapy including CAR T
Lou BaudrierResearch Associate, Billon LabGenome editing; CRISPR
Sacha BenaoudiaStaff Scientist, Bahlis LabCRISPR screening; CAR T; blood cancers
Pierre BillonPrincipal InvestigatorGenome editing; CAR T
Ana BogossianResearch Technician, Chan LabTissue biobanking; genomics
Zackariah BreckenridgeCell Manufacturing Team LeadClinical research; cell manufacturing and biomanufacturing; CAR T-cells
Johnathan CantonPrincipal InvestigatorImmunology; dendritic cells; antigen processing
Jennifer ChanPrincipal InvestigatorGlioblastoma; mouse models; biobank
Julian ChuaMSc Trainee, Ayyaz LabMicrosatellite instable cancers
Jada CurryMSc Trainee, Billon LabGenome editing; cell biology
Andrew DalyPrincipal InvestigatorBlood cancers; bone marrow transplant; clinical trials
Pauline DouglasStaff Scientist, Schriemer LabGlioblastoma; proteomics; target discovery
Kristofor EllestadResearch Associate, Mahoney LabStem cell CAR; cancer agnostic
Danyel EvseevProcess Development Lead, Biomanufacturing ProgramCAR T; viral vaccines; process development
Ruzena FilandrovaPostdoctoral Fellow, Schriemer LabGlioblastoma; proteomics; target discovery
Melanie FinkbeinerPrincipal InvestigatorPediatric solid tumours; CAR T; clinical trials
Chris GafuikStaff Scientist, Mahoney LabHigh-throughput screening; binder discovery; automation
Markus GeukingPrincipal InvestigatorImmunology; microbiome
Gurveer GillMSc Trainee, Morrissy LabBioinformatics; clinical research
Louisa GuignardResearch Technician, Mahoney LabSynthetic immunology
Xueyang GuoStaff Scientist, Mahoney LabCAR T; immunology; glioblastoma
Courtney HallPhD Trainee, Morrissy LabGlioblastoma; target discovery; transcriptomics
Kevin HayPrincipal InvestigatorCAR T; leukemia and lymphoma; clinical trials
Jan-Willem HenningPrincipal InvestigatorAdolescent and young adult (AYA); sarcoma; clinical trials
Kurt HildebrandPhD Trainee, Monument LabSarcoma; tumour macrophages; immunotherapy
Angela HuangPostdoctoral Fellow, Jacquelot LabImmunology; immunotherapy
Nicolas JacquelotPrincipal InvestigatorImmunology; immunophenotyping; mouse model
Craig JennePrincipal InvestigatorImmunology; intravital imaging; viral therapies
David JungMSc Trainee, Neri LabMultiple myeloma; immunotherapies
Amanjot KaurPhD Trainee, Storek LabBlood cancers; next-generation sequencing; hematopoietic stem cell transplants
Amrita KaurResearch Technician, Jacquelot LabMicrobiology; microbiome; animal models
Mobina KazemiStaff Scientist, Morrissy LabTarget discovery; computational biology
Daesun KimResearch Associate, Mahoney / Bose LabsVirology; immune evasion
Megan KinzelMSc Trainee, Jacquelot LabImmunology; immunotherapy; clinical research
Larisa KovtonyukPostdoctoral Fellow, McCoy LabMicrobiome; CAR T; cancer agnostic
Jethro LangleyPhD Trainee, Billon LabGenome editing
Holly LeeMD / Clinical Investigator Program, Bahlis LabCAR T; multiple myeloma
Jongbok LeePrincipal InvestigatorAdoptive cellular therapy; double-negative T cells
Victor LewisPrincipal InvestigatorPediatric blood cancers; CAR T; clinical trials
Holly LiuResearch Technician, Mahoney LabSynthetic immunology
Jessica López EspinosaMSc Trainee, Lee LabDouble negative T-cells; CAR T; blood cancers
Xueqing LunStaff Scientist, Chan LabGlioblastoma; mouse modelling; mechanisms to medicine
Laura MahPhD Trainee, Mahoney LabGlioblastoma; multi targeting CAR T
Douglas MahoneyPrincipal InvestigatorSolid tumours; CAR T; designer viruses
Kathy McCoyPrincipal InvestigatorImmunology; microbiome; CAR T
Kelly MclachlanPatient Advisor 
Megan McRaeResearch Technician, Chan LabAnimal care; immunohistochemistry; histology
Michael MonumentPrincipal InvestigatorSarcoma; mouse modelling; innate immune agonism
Sorana MorrissyPrincipal InvestigatorGlioblastoma; computational biology; target discovery
Ann NathAssociate Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory AffairsQuality assurance; quality management; regulatory affairs
Victor NaumenkoStaff Scientist, Jenne / Mahoney LabIntravital imaging; virotherapy; nanoparticle biodistribution
Vishal NavaniPrincipal InvestigatorSolid tumours; immunotherapy
Michele NawataResearch Technician, Lee LabMolecular biology; animal models
Paola NeriPrincipal InvestigatorMultiple myeloma; CAR T; clinical trials
Leanne PalichukMSc Trainee, Lee LabDouble negative T-cells; immunotherapy; hematologic cancers
Nathan PetersPrincipal InvestigatorImmunology; vaccines
Mansour PoorebrahimPostdoctoral Fellow, Bahlis/Neri LabMultiple myeloma; CAR T-cells; immunotherapy
Kyle PottsAssociate Director of BiomanufacturingBiomanufacturing; process development; quality control
Nicole ProkopishynPrincipal InvestigatorCell manufacturing; bone marrow transplant; CAR T
Robert PuckrinPrincipal InvestigatorLymphoma; CAR T; clinical research
Joanna PyczekPostdoctoral Fellow, Chan LabAnimal models; GBM
Jennifer RahnResearch Associate, Hay LabCAR T-cells; blood cancers
Gloria Roldan-UrgoitiPrincipal InvestigatorGlioblastoma; clinical trials
David SchriemerPrincipal InvestigatorGlioblastoma; proteomics; target discovery
Hobin SeoMSc Trainee, Jacquelot LabImmunology
Mona ShafeyPrincipal InvestigatorBlood cancers; cellular therapies; clinical trials
Ravi ShahPrincipal InvestigatorBlood cancers; cellular therapies; transplant immunology
Amy ShupeMSc Trainee, McCoy LabMicrobiome; immunotherapies; CAR T-cells
Saif SikdarPostdoctoral Fellow, Mahoney LabMicrobiome; metabolites; cancer agnostic
Arvind SinglaResearch Associate, Monument LabSarcoma; mouse modelling
Shannon SnellingPhD Trainee, Chan / Mahoney LabGlioblastoma; CAR macrophage
Hyojin SongPostdoctoral Fellow, Morrissy LabSarcoma; target discovery; multiomics
Jan StorekPrincipal InvestigatorAutoimmune diseases; hematopoietic cell transplantation
Lindsey SuhCell Manufacturing Specialist, Biomanufacturing ProgramBiomanufacturing; cell manufacturing
Lukas SyristeLab CoordinatorLab management
Sherry ThomClinical Staff / Nurse, Alberta Children's HospitalClinical research; CAR T-cell therapy; blood cancers
Varsha Thoppey ManoharanPhD Trainee, Morrissy LabGlioblastoma; computational biology; target discovery
Hayley TodescoQuality Control Specialist, Biomanufacturing ProgramBiomanufacturing; quality control
Tony TruongPrincipal InvestigatorPediatric blood cancers; transplantation; clinical trials
Ted VerheyStaff Scientist, Morrissy LabSarcoma; computational biology; target discovery
Daniil VishnevskiPhD Trainee, Mahoney LabIntravital microscopy; oncolytic viruses
Shanshan WangPhD Trainee, Lee LabCAR T-cells; double negative T-cells
Nicola WrightPrincipal InvestigatorGenomics; rare diseases; stem cells
Franz ZempAdjunct Assistant ProfessorSarcoma; synthetic immunology; innovation