About Us

The Robson DNA Science Centre (RDSC) works to prevent cancer by studying how cells protect and repair DNA.


The Robson DNA Science Centre was made possible by a $10-million gift from Dave Robson through the Dave and Val Robson Fund at the Calgary Foundation-to the Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute (SACRI) at the Cumming School of Medicine. Dave Robson, an award-winning Calgary businessman, made the gift in honour of his late wife, Val, who passed away in May 2014 from myelodysplastic syndrome – a rare cancer that affects bone marrow. The Robson DNA Science Centre will advance the understanding of DNA stability and repair, translating this knowledge into innovative cancer prevention strategies.

“Val and I wanted to do something meaningful, something that would make a difference to people who had been diagnosed with cancer, just like she had,” says Robson. “The importance of research can’t be understated – the scientists in the Robson DNA Science Centre are doing life-saving research that will help improve the lives of Canadians in years to come.”

Our vision

All cancers have one thing in common: mistakes in DNA that drive tumour formation and growth. Advances in our understanding of cancer and our ability to treat cancer will require new discoveries in DNA and genome sciences.

Our mission

To improve treatment and advance our knowledge of cancer through a greater understanding of DNA – how genomes are packaged, replicated, repaired, and expressed; how genome stability is maintained; and how these processes may change in cancer and during the course of aging.

Research Priorities

Therapies for Rare Cancers

A multi-institutional collaborative project involving researchers from the University of Calgary, University of British Columbia, and the University of Victoria.

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Environmental Exposures Causing Cancer

A transdisciplinary project involving researchers in biology, medicine, population health, physics, geology, chemistry, architecture, and psychology from all across Canada.

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