Feb. 14, 2024

Haskayne’s graduate programs offer solutions to help professionals adapt to ever-changing workforce

Open house Feb. 24 gives prospective students the chance to explore the benefits of graduate business education
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Kelly Hofer for the Haskayne School of Business

The business landscape is evolving faster than ever before. From globalization to tech innovations like AI and ChatGPT to movements toward clean energy and sustainability, it’s safe to say the only constant in business is change. 

Knowing this, business schools are more challenged than ever before to ensure they remain relevant by equipping students with the skills and knowledge to excel in today’s workforce, while also matching employers' ever-changing needs. The Haskayne School of Business is facing this challenge head on. Whether it’s through refined programming, new courses or an increased focus on work-integrated learning, Haskayne remains committed to providing unparalleled learning opportunities — at both an undergraduate and graduate level. 

With many professionals looking to upskill, strengthen their leadership capabilities or add business to their repertoire, Haskayne has developed and evolved its graduate business education programs to deliver on students’ needs and interests. With three marquee master’s programs, the Haskayne Master of Management (MMgmt), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Executive MBA (EMBA), Haskayne’s programs are flexible in design to support all types of students — regardless of their educational background or level of experience.

Learn more about Haskayne’s graduate business programs and hear from current students and alumni on how graduate business education has provided a transformative change in their lives. 

Master of Management

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Haskayne Master of Management students

Marnie Burkhart for the Haskayne School of Business

In the five years since its inception, Haskayne’s Master of Management (MMgmt) has experienced exceptional growth and strong demand from students interested in building on their educational experience and adding business to their repertoire. 

Designed for recent graduates (less than three years of work experience) with a non-business bachelor’s degree, the 10-month full-time program helps students gain a fundamental understanding of key business concepts and provides hands-on career support through an embedded career development program. Plus, Haskayne MMgmt graduates are seeing immediate career success with 87 per cent securing employment within just three months and experiencing an average salary increase of $24,300. 

“The Haskayne Master of Management has been the greatest experience,” says Hadley Gunther, a current Haskayne MMgmt student. “I learned about topics that I never would have touched on in my undergrad. Not to mention you meet the most amazing people who will become your closest friends. Everyone in your cohort lifts you up whenever you feel down!”

Haskayne MMgmt students are exposed to several work-integrated learning opportunities such as the Propel Business Project (supported by RBC where students participate in a paid externship — extracurricular, small-scale project — with non-profit and startup organizations), paid internships, distinct capstone courses and numerous networking events. These opportunities give Haskayne MMgmt students the chance to secure employment opportunities, build their portfolios and skill sets, and engage and forge relationships with Calgary’s business community. 

MBA (daytime, evening and accelerated) 

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Haskayne MBA alum, Josh Malate, MBA'17

Kelly Hofer for the Haskayne School of Business

Haskayne offers a comprehensive suite of MBA formats tailored to diverse career paths and lifestyles. Its MBA program includes specialized tracks to provide a competitive edge in students’ chosen fields. 

The Haskayne MBA is designed for early-to-mid-career professionals who are looking to gain business skills to understand organizations from all angles, build on their leadership abilities and develop critical thinking skills to advance their careers. 

Haskayne MBA students are given numerous opportunities to engage and network with Calgary’s vibrant business community through programs like the Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management and participate in work-integrated learning initiatives like Creative Destruction Lab-Rockies (CDL-Rockies) and Adventure Leadership courses. 

Students can choose from daytime, evening or accelerated formats, each designed to accommodate different schedules and preferences: 

  • MBA (formerly Daytime MBA): An immersive, full-time format that students can complete in less than two years. 
  • Evening MBA: This format gives working professionals the flexibility to study while they work, and the program can be completed in less than three years. 
  • Accelerated MBA: Designed for graduates of four-year business programs. This format saves students 45 per cent in tuition costs and significantly reduces the program's length. 

Haskayne MBA alum Josh Malate, MBA’17, recently spoke to Business in Calgary magazine about his experience at Haskayne and the value of his MBA.

“I wanted to immerse myself totally in the experience of just learning something completely new,” says Malate to Business in Calgary. “It was a chance to sort of transform again into a different career. The real differentiator with Haskayne is the Calgary business community interfaces with that school significantly. The biggest leaders in this city are very engaged. And so, I got a chance to develop that network and even leverage some of those relationships beyond that.”

Executive MBA

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Haskayne EMBA alum, Jas Bains, EMBA'19

Kelly Hofer for the Haskayne School of Business.

Haskayne's Executive MBA (EMBA) offers a comprehensive program designed to elevate students’ leadership skills, enhance their business acumen and foster critical thinking over just 22 months. 

Tailored for mid-to-senior-career professionals, the Haskayne EMBA equips students with the tools to drive change in their organization. Classes are scheduled to be as convenient as possible, with classes held every other Friday and Saturday and the integration of block week courses to accommodate students’ working schedules. This affords students the opportunity to complete their degree while they work and immediately apply their learnings. 

“The Haskayne Executive MBA helped me speak the same language as leaders in my organization,” says Jas Bains, EMBA’19. “It gave me a broader business perspective and I was able to immediately apply my learnings to my job. My EMBA ultimately led to my promotion to vice-president.”

Additionally, as the only finance specialization in Canada, the Haskayne EMBA provides a unique opportunity to enhance one’s financial acumen and explore modern theories, mergers and acquisitions, derivatives and financial risk management, empowering graduates to thrive in today's complex business landscape. 

Those interested in pursuing graduate business education are encouraged to join Haskayne in person at its Haskayne Graduate Programs Open House on Feb. 24 from 2 to 6 p.m. at Scurfield Hall. Attendees will get the chance to hear from Dean Gina Grandy, academic directors, admissions specialists, career advisers and more, attend a mock lecture or case study, and network with peers. Register for the open house.

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