Wendy Smith

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Office: 403-521-3422

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University of Calgary

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Gay Martin

Email: gay.martin@ahs.ca

Office: 403-521-3835

Research and teaching

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  • Delivered radiotherapy quality

Summary of Research

I have always been interested in the intersection between a perfect radiotherapy treatment plan and the imperfect application thereof.  Patients breath, move, gain/lose weight and respond to treatment – we never deliver quite the plan we intend.  How do get as close as possible to the ideal delivery in the context of finite resources and time?  How do we know what a good enough plan is?  As we gather more and more data on each patient, how do we make the best use of this information, interpret it efficiently, and decide which patients most benefit from the investment of more resources?


Dr. Smith has a Phd in Medical Biophysics from Western University.  She then completed a residency at the London Regional Cancer Program.  Dr. Smith has been a professor at the University of Calgary since 2005, and is currently the Division Head of Medical Physics, in the Department of Oncology.  Dr. Smith most enjoys research that is inspired by clinical questions and can be implemented in their practice to improve and innovate clinical care.