Douglas Strother

Associate Professor

Pediatrics and Oncology


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Office: 403-955-7203

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Greg Dinwoodie


Office: 403-955-7203

Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Pediatric Brain & Solid Tumors

Summary of Research

Another area of research interest is clinical trials. We should learn as much as possible from each child with cancer and the best mechanism for doing this is through clinical trials. However, resources are increasing less than optimal and disincentives to clinical trials seem on the rise. I wish to demonstrate the value of clinical trials, to understand physician behaviours associated with clinical trials, and to optimize conditions for clinical trials conduct. Finally, I have interest in the creative arts, particularly music, as therapy: what makes music therapy therapeutic? How can we capitalize on that and deliver such therapy to sick children?


Dr. Strother is a clinical researcher, whose primary disease interests are pediatric brain and solid tumours. Radiation therapy is an effective brain tumour treatment modality, but is toxic to young brains. Dr. Strother is interested in refining chemotherapy alternatives, but also in learning how toxicity from radiation and chemotherapy both can be obviated, or at least lessened. He is interested in principles of neuroplasticity and in demonstrating how they might apply in pediatric brain tumour survivors.